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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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interesting person bay area killing spree was suspect was supposed to be deported years ago and the loophole that set him free. and his love it landlords hit but it is rent control against the law once have been in the east coast that could change everything in the bay area. a bay area woman gets three speeding tickets in an hour. the excuse he gave the chp. good evening analyst with cut-is off tonight. the friends remembered one of the victims from last week's killings in san francisco's ingle said district they gathered at the rnc luncheon chinatown tonight to honor a 65 year-old who worked at the restaurant as a chef for 18 years. restaurant owners say the victims are a husband and
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wife and their daughter and son. he believes the fifth victim is the son's girlfriend. tonight's sharon shannon on a legal loophole that police say led it to a massacre. he suspects in killing five people at the san francisco home was ordered to be deported in 2006 but wasn't because of an immigration ruling. some neighbors are stunned to. is a tragedy that's because of that long the system will have things like this happened. he is convicted in 1998 armed robbery of a chinese restaurant in san as a after serving eight years in san quentin prison from 1998 to 2006 an immigration judge ordered him deported back to vietnam buddy was released in the bay area. in 2001 the u.s. supreme court ruled the u.s. cannot hold lawful immigrants indefinitely after serving their sentences they can be released after six months if their home country will take them back and federal immigration officers determines
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they pose no danger usf law professor building. presumably the gentleman was arrested there was a review and he probably showed signs that he was rehabilitated and brawley had job and family. ends that amount. the professor says it is not unusual for vietnam to delay or not sent to travel documents to take back its native citizens. peonies may have entered the and long time ago as refugees as they fled the country sell the nomination or that their vietnamese. the professor says the u.s. releases about fourth thousand immigrants like this every year but only a small number of them commit new crimes in the meantime the murder suspect is in jail tonight under observation in the area that is apart from the general population because of the high- profile nature of the crime live and san francisco sharing chance cbs five. it's been 10
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days since your lamar disappeared and now volunteers are starting an all-out search the morgan hill 50 year-old was last seen leaving to catch the bus school starting tomorrow the class kids foundation for children as organizing community searches founded by mark classes 12 year-old daughter input part of the board put was kidnapped from her home and murdered in 1993. people must always remember that as bleak as things could look there are the is this marks and missy's sanchez is out there who were some. time to come home alive and the allies back on the right track. the only clues investigators have found a series cellphone and her purse with folded clothes folded clothes inside the search for will last the rest of the week we do have information on how you can help but cbs sf telecom click on links and numbers. on the campaign 2012 republican frontrunners hope the bay area will be good to them financially. half of irani held
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a fund-raising dinner tonight in redwood city while on thursday red santorum would be visiting the jelly belly factory in fairfield. grace lee shows us many in the bay area of was indeed writing checks. big money that is a former government army is hoping to gain here tonight at the hotel's and his fund-raiser with dinners ranging cost from 1000 to $25,000 there are a lot of protesters here tonight about 75 they're hoping to discourage gas but here's what's surprising while most other california is primarily democratic into the numbers republicans actually do pretty well a top-10 fund- raising's of cutting california for here in the bay area and if you look at attitude in redwood city the numbers are pretty close between democrats and republicans and while menlo park and palo alto raise more money for democrats the republicans are still getting well over $100,000 from both of those it goes. and when california is
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known as a cash cow for candidates running is not any his fundraising here he is moving on to stocks in tonight's well, where he will be with me to the san diego chargers owner and then on to the ioc in los angeles in redwood city grace lee cbs five. santorum lost his cool a bit over the weekend when a reporter for the new york times and tonight he is make making no apologies. is a member of the is the worst republican in the country. is that true? would be to listen to. stop lying. i city is the worst republican to run on the issue of a bombing care could distort my words. if i see it is ps. come on what you doing. santorum said and if you haven't curse adding york times reporter during the course of the campaign here not really a real republican.
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tonight president obama's offer an explanation for comment, by an open microphone here is talking with the russian president about missile defense. in and says it is a simple comment about how is bogged down with domestic concerns until after the election by republicans pounced saying the president has an agenda that that could include concessions to the russians if he is reelected. tomorrow the u.s. supreme court will hear a second day of arguments on whether the president's health care reform is constitutional. the big debate reached the steps of the u.s. supreme court today and it beside the justices prepared to take on the question of the laws mandating that americans must buy the insurance or face a penalty chief justice john roberts put bluntly. it demands a mandate is a command. today's session focused on
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whether these legal challenges must wait until 2014 when the entire law actually takes effect poolsides will have the court to decide now out and a ruling is expected in june. americans are pretty much decided a new cbs news near times poll finds that 47 percent of americans disapprove a lot only 36 percent approve of it. the supreme court may take up another case that will have a huge impact especially here in the bay area rent-controlled is a constitutional. with many renters paying less than market value for their apartments this is an issue in near and dear to people's hearts and wallets. this one-bedroom apartment but in his bill vances whole world. he lives in this complex for 38 years. and pays $600 to rent his apartment chance those
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others in the building pay over $1,200 buddies says his low rent is the only reason he has a roof over his head. have no place to go from here. this street is my next step. if we lose rent control it is over for me. san francisco than lard and your long season and control differently he owns two small buildings one that is assured by rent control laws and another there isn't. he says he's offered to able to offer tents a better deal and his restriction property in a building that is not rent- controlled we keep the rent consistently about 10 percent under market. we encourage long- term tendencies. we have the money when we need to keep the building up. the supreme court is considering incase of one property owner in manhattan who claims the fact that some of his tenants pay just over half of market value for the units
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violates the constitution. but stipulates the government can not restrict personal property without compensating the owners fairly. the high court has heard enough held rent control in the past but some housing advocates look to the courts for conservative members and fear the worst. in the current political climate and with the current makeup that's where it rent control could be abolished and it would be an incredible hardship on seniors and disabled people and while the supreme court has yet to decide whether not to even hear the case in a ruling may be a moot point buildings that come up for sale are often converted to condos and the tendency, or gics and landlords find little financial incentive to rent these properties out. groups into it representing property owners and restrictions that could open up the housing market and make friends cheaper. i did without the threat of rent
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control in some of the complications that may be more developments or more units put on the market. the supreme court will make his decision in april on whether to take up this case. arrested for speeding, not once not twice but it's three times in one hour. how this bay area woman tried to convince the chp to giver break. tired of paying a fortune for gas? the easy way to save $5 every time you fill-out. and to lottery jackpots at the same bay area store? well what about one wetter is trying to claim all the money. and woman in the bay
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area is that still denies after police caught her stealing speeding three times in an hour. officers arrested 53 year-old linda cahill gomez of hayward added 19 yuba county the first time officers copter going as 103 mi. an hour on highway 70. 20 minutes later they say she was flying at 1 05. about 40 minutes later officers say she
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slowed down debts and was still going 76 and 85 zone the officer arrested her for reckless driving. i didn't know i've never driven 100 mi. an hour slide in know i can't even though 100 mi. an hour by its i it wasn't worried about that i was worried about my mom. she says she was being held for 79 year-old mother who had fallen on her bad knee she had to pay $400 just to get your car back shall have to pay even more in fines. will a dozen of that the price of will come down anytime soon tonight analysts tell the l.a. times the current record price of $105 a barrel could become the new norm. but there is a way you can save money at the pump. when he shows us you can save as much as $5 every time you fill up. billing at the gas tank can almost break the bank these
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days. it's probably a few hundred bucks a month. she found out she'd been wasting a lot of that gas gallon seven factors why. how much will that affect the gas prices? just a little day it's a difference. you can probably save about $100 a year. the department of energy says the right tire pressure improve steel efficiency by 3 percent that's like a $5 savings for every sellout. every fill-out you should check your air pressure in your tires. the california state automobile association has other simple tips to improve gas mileage regular tenant since changing dirty air filters so the engine isn't over working. you should be checking its and slowdown that aren't energies says driving just 5 mi. over the speed limits is like paying an extra 24ยข a gallon.
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stay under the speed limit. except for onto lady. and there's some denounce the waste gas. for seven bags for going shopping this is also adding sue feel consumption. and probably set save a little more gas. so lighten the load regular maintenance and get the tire pressure right. the police say 3 $400 a year. did we do is use a couple of extra psi is in san francisco cbs five. the woman who embezzled millions from the giant has been sentenced to 21 months behind bars. robert o'connor was the team's payroll manager she admits she still more than $2 million from the team prosecutors say she spent on cars, a second home and trips to the spot. o'connor has also been ordered to pay back about two-thirds of the embattled money. and the mega millions
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jackpot is now $363 million. the chinese monad of course the odds of winning a ridiculous but tell that to one bay area woman not only does she would do a million dollars a few months ago last week she bought a ticket is worth more than to under $50,000 this is where it gets complicated. at like a tobacco and more in mountain view a story about how more money can mean more problems. a lottery investigators examining surveillance video of the purchase of a winning lottery tickets. that is 31 year-old emily lee to the dark when i tell you may remember back in january she won $1 million at the same exact story and use most of the winnings to pay off medical bills from a tumor that pattern, this shows that the people in the store recognize family to buy beer and lottery tickets for everyone. the footage shows are handing over of return not to be the lucky
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ticket. it's a good luck. two days later happened to them in a blue shirt is the same man from before but now delirious after finding out he had just won $260,000. he has not yet come forward with the winning tickets as far as emily's concerns. issues say she paid for it she says those winnings are hers. star kurt kim lyon saw the winning tickets and says she is a nice and generous person has no claim to the wings. issue pay for the ticket right? sometimes irritate but didn't give to its your ticket on my ticket anymore. she is a sweet girl but a few months ago it's no good. lottery fever has sent shock the store and customer reactions were mixed. she's been given
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that day's edition misspelled his given up. the lottery commission will hold on to the winnings until a judge decides what happens next. and so emily at least not want to talk on camera but did tell us over the phone that she was just trying to help a guy who is down is like and give them some cash and now she was reaching for the money in your purse and grabs the lottery tickets and give it to that man by accident. yet we live in mountain view cbs five. its high-tops rared picking up on the screen now that can use that will be affected as eyewitness continues. with dry
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and the storm the month of march is certainly going out like a lion good evening i am doppler radar now picking up some green on the screen is to take a look of the coast ferries to the pockets of darker shades of green that is actually some heavy downpours are now as we move closer to shore picking up some reports of fights wrinkles now and to otherwise the shades of green harbor and where the rain drops are accurate evaporating would dry air mess out there still but future cast even play along at home by
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watching the clock on by gary have their rain showers for the morning commute still north of the golden gate bridge. gradually the system slides into and our the lid directions about lunchtime of rainfall filling around a central ben easter portion of the district and then by the evening commute to messrs. day in san jose will be relative there the dry side it rose through on wednesday morning's commute before we begin to see some clearing and most of this guy's continue on thursday with another system to the north of us but it's going to be due east rainfall totals are very impressive from tomorrow morning with this rain beginning right after midnight through wednesday morning we're talking nearly an inch and three-quarters in santa rosa nearly a full and steles in pleasanton and over three- quarters of an inch in san grass valley and a half an inch in san francisco area of low pressure when set against the bay area the southeast winds 20 to 30 per ton the winter weather advisory.
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it's small size '50s and '60s and again in your rainshowers to wednesday and another system rose and just in time for the weekends dennis will tell us what team is in first place.
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there are three things certain in life debt taxes and the stanford cardinal women in the final four. his colleagues on the left for a change. sitting with david shaw and his wife the lid to one three-point shot saturday in tonight against duke been knocked down seven joslyn without one. shamir found a replacement for interlock and it throws deep for the easy layup she finished with 29 stanford beat duke 81 to 69 derek and headed to their fifth straight final four. and sweeter because foreign for. this is going to the fourth one i've been to and to this all started the year before i even came to stanford and was one of the part of this culture. teocallis i lot of pressure on me because my mother bothered tickets she lives in boulder if we know i can't give you a ticket as she says nell i want to have these seats. still
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sidelines' besides offering for early onset alzheimer's balers britain the highest in what may have been some tense final game. i wouldn't trade anything and what we did this year of this to what his health to be better but i think this team never give up to make forget her phone is is a liberal forget the officials were forget who are players r or get on them or encourage them. but the 1000 in for pap in york giants were 77 before getting a role in winning hoofprint is not the best team of and there have accused versions going three times the second version with
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his first of two goals yet 29 this year the sharks beat them five to one hears it means they get a three day when straight the sharks 3 take the lead in the pacific division with six games to go but the star is coyotes in cannes are all within how. plenta a great finish. finish and will sit through 39 in. and 2 1/3 innings today striking out and gave up his expected to start the season on on the disabled list but he can't get past able 15 into one of her for today but look there. he is batting 176 the giants went on and walk off homerun by policy and a ball. the once again to big story is the standard women going to the final for the sharks don't rip- off those playoff tickets just yet. the of weight is the hottest team. we saw what happened to be york giants and the sharks ahead a town deceiving get there. be right back. a year on
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the edge of your seat. the letterman is next
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that's right and the next newscast is tomorrow morning at 430 it. the a's play


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